Born and raised in Southern California, Jon starting building and remodeling homes in his late
teenage years. He made the move to Southern Oregon in 1981 after he married and started
to plan for a family. Objective? To raise his kids somewhere without traffic lights. He found that
dream in Shady Cove, OR.


Jon started his Oregonian life as a contractor, and for nearly 40 years continued to build
custom homes including various tractor excavations, foundation work, home remodels and
additions. Jon has left his mark on several beautiful homes lining the magnificent Rouge River.


After years of heavy lifting and other various strains from such physical labor, naturally Jon’s
joints started to ache. Nonetheless, this did not stop him from pursuing his passion and talent.
Over five years ago, due to a double shoulder surgery, Jon decided to study home inspecting
and became certified through Certified Inspection Training, Inc.


Jon’s decades of home building experience not only enables him to know his way around a
home, but also allows him to provide the client with guidance and recommendations as to how
to make their home safer, and perhaps more user-friendly. Jon really knows how you can get
the most out of your home.


To ensure a quality inspection, Jon performs only one inspection a day to allow sufficient time
to give the most precise report possible. Jon spends anywhere from 3-5 hours at the home and
takes up to 300 pictures. In most cases, our clients have their Home Inspection Report before noon the following day*.







*This time estimate will vary pending the state of the home/building, size and year built.